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    Businesses and individuals hire graphic designers for several reasons. They often require help with logo and packaging designs, website graphics, event invitations, or other personal projects. When searching for a graphic designer, it's important to look for one with specialties.

    Some graphic designers are solely focused on print graphics or packaging design. Others focus their careers on helping brands create logos and other branded marketing materials. Below, readers can find some of the most commonly asked questions about graphic designers and detailed answers that explain this profession.

    What are the graphic arts? 

    Traditionally, graphic arts is a term used to refer to visual artwork, such as painting, drawing, and printmaking. In today's world, this term is often used to refer to artists who produce work digitally. This can include various kinds of artwork, including marketing, advertising, and packaging design and art and illustrations.

    What does a graphic designer do? 

    Graphic designers may work with software or paper to create artwork for a variety of reasons. This can include marketing materials, such as brochures, logos, business cards, and magazines, 3D models, electronic media for television, and print materials.

    Where do graphic designers work? 

    Graphic designers can work in a variety of settings. They may be employed by marketing and advertising agencies and contracted out to clients or create advertising and design for larger corporations. Many graphic designers might also freelance, choosing the clients they serve and projects they take on.

    Are graphic designers artists? 

    Many graphic designers have an artistic background and chose their career path out of love for drawing and other fine arts. That being said, graphic designers don't always have to be artists first. Those who use software to create designs often don't have prior drawing, painting, or creative art skills.

    Are graphic designers marketers? 

    Although marketing agencies employ many graphic designers, they're not considered marketers. Instead, the graphic designer may work alongside professional marketers to create designs that align with a clients' branding and marketing efforts.

    Can a graphic designer do UX design work?

    A UX designer's job is to create stunning websites, so it's important that they have some knowledge of graphic design. However, there's more to UX design than just graphics, such as making sure a web can be easily navigated, contains cohesive branding, and functions as it's supposed to. While some graphic designers offer UX services, they must have additional training under their belts.

    Can I teach myself graphic design? 

    While learning graphic design independently is definitely possible, it takes plenty of time and dedication. Graphic designers need to create visually appealing designs and use a variety of complicated software programs. In most cases, hiring an educated, professional graphic designer is the best route.

    Why should I hire a professional to design my logo?

    A professionally designed logo should speak to your target audience and incorporate colors and designs that create strong first impressions. An experienced graphic designer can create a piece that does just that. While the initial investment might be high, having a professional, appealing logo will likely help you win business.

    How long does it take to design a logo?

    There are several steps involved in designing a great logo. That includes research and obtaining client feedback on initial sketches, as well as revising and finalizing designs. While the amount of time this takes can vary depending on the designer, the design process takes between one and two weeks.

    Do I need a graphic designer, a web designer, or a web developer? 

    Each of these professions is distinctly different. While a graphic designer creates designs and logos that appear within a website, a web designer is responsible for creating a website's overall layout and visual appearance. A web developer's role is more technical. This person oversees the website's backend, converting the design and layout into a website that's usable and functional using coding languages, such as Java and HTML.

    How do I get started in graphic design? 

    Graphic design combines artistry with technical skills. To get started in this profession, it's important to have a keen eye for design and understand software and design principles. Enrolling in graphic design courses, either online or in-person, can provide a solid foundation for those entering this profession.

    How much does it cost to hire a graphic designer?

    The cost of hiring a graphic designer depends on the project's scope and several other factors, including the qualifications and reputation of the designer chosen. Hourly costs can range anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars. As such, graphic designers need to obtain as much information about projects as possible before providing a quote.

    How much do graphic designers make? 

    According to PayScale, graphic designers earn an average of $46,162 annually in the U.S. Salary increases with experience, with most graphic designers who've been in the industry for more than 20 years earning an average of $53,000.

    How do I become a graphic designer?

    It's never too late to start practicing for a career in graphic design. Skills such as drawing and practical software know-how can be practiced in middle school and high school. Many colleges across the U.S. offer accredited certificates, associate's degrees, and bachelor's degrees in graphic design. Without some education in the field, it can be difficult to find paid work.

    Do I need a degree to be a graphic designer?

    While some graphic designers are self-taught, most who are employed full-time have some degree or post-secondary education. That being said, a self-taught graphic designer who has advanced skills can enjoy a successful career.

    What can I do with a graphic design degree? 

    There are plenty of opportunities out there for individuals with bachelor's degrees in graphic design. That includes working in advertising and marketing agencies as well as taking on roles as an illustrator, art director, animator, or concept artist.

    How long does it take to become a graphic designer?

    The time it takes to become a graphic designer depends on prior experience and education. For a novice entering this profession, earning a bachelor's degree typically takes up to four years; however, there are other education options available, including boot camps and certificates that can be completed within just a few months.

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